Shamsh Group have been an active supplier for over 42 years to a diversity of clients, our exclusive team of engineering managers, technical consultants and procurement officers brings an international commercial experience and technical knowledge.

Procurement Services

Our procurement serviced various Governmental Institutions, National Companies, NGO’s, Contractors and the private sector. Our well-established supply chain and our long-term agency agreements with some of the world’s leading manufacturers have made us a forefront provider for procurement services in Iraq on time & within budget.

Shamsh Partners in Procurement

NSSL is part of NECO group, one of the largest Indian group with diversified activities in various sectors, such us: mining, power generation, foundries, steel/aluminium, infrastructure valves, automotive etc.

Specialized but not limited to the production of Ball valves alongside their full range of products, thanks to the collaboration with their mother company NSSL LIMITED that is specialized in the production of GATE, GLOBE, CHECK and PLUG valves.

Specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing switchgear for the power engineering sector as well as Electrical Supply System and Distribution Boards.

Specialized in Diesel Generator Sets and Diesel driven Pumps.

  1. BETRA is a well-known manufacturer of explosion proof transformers for chemical and especially petrochemical industries.
  2. BETRA ex-transformers mainly supply to worldwide leading manufacturers.
  3. BETRA manufacturer’s oil filled explosion proof transformers for power distribution applications up to 1000KVA and transformers for special technical processes as well. A wide range of transformers can be designed to the client’s requirements regarding the shape of the transformer as well as the mechanical and electrical features, e.g. short circuit proof transformers.

Motherwell tank protection, manufacture’s pressure vacuum relief valves, free vents, gauge hatches and level gauges. Supplying industries that include oil & gas, petrochemical, food, water and biogas.

Specialized in process cooling, gas compression, natural gas systems, and tank cooling solution for oil, gas and downstream industries.