SHAMSH group is an Iraqi-based set of companies established in 1978 to provide a wide range of engineering, construction, and procurement services covering the geographical region between Erbil in the north and Basra in the south.

Our scope of service covers different sectors, mainly: 

a) Engineering Design & Construction.
b) Procurement.
c) Logistics & Corporate Services.
d) Oil & Gas Consultancy.
b) ICT Services.

Over the past 4 decades, we have developed a strong reputation of professionalism, efficiency, reliability, and quality workmanship. Our clients testify to our personal attention and executive involvement ensuring that contracts were executed with the highest standards, on time, and within budget.
Shamsh is known as a representative and exclusive agent for several well-known worldwide companies and has various business agreements with others.

Our strength in procurement comes from the solid relationships and associations we built with both local and foreign companies and our ability to deliver.

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