Design & Construction

Design & Construction

SHAMSH Group have grown into a leading construction company in Iraq, by executing several challenging projects all over the region our teams gained a rich and diverse experience.

We have an excellent record of achievements in the infrastructure reconstruction process, since 2003, we have supported rebuilding Iraq through a variety of various projects, whether it is rehabilitation or new construction.

Design & construction

Our work design, renovation and construction of buildings includes:
Civil works
Mechanical works
Electrical works
Piping works
Construction Material Supply & Accessories

Our Solutions

We, at Shamsh GroupĀ offer the best solutions for our clients to insure the success of their projects. Our approach consists of several key elements that make us one of the top firms offering oil and gas consultancy in the region.

Great Technology

We make sure to always use the newest top notch technologies to insure a successful delivery of our projects.

Delivery On Time

We take pride in our punctuality in delivering projects with top quality.

Certified Engineers

We have the most dedicated professionals to help us achieve your goals.

Work Scope

  1. Commercial offices.
  2. Residential structures.
  3. Government buildings.
  4. Educational buildings (Labs & Schools).
  5. Health facilities & Hospitals.
  6. Retail malls.
  7. Camp Construction.
  8. Pilings.
  9. Roads (Paving Asphalt and Concrete).
  10. Site Preparations and Surveys.
  1. HVAC (industrial & Residential).
  2. Water Treatment & filtration (Concrete &/or Coated Tanks).
  3. Steel Structure.
  4. Equipment Installation.
  5. Tank Erection.
  6. Welding.
  1. Industrial (Tower & Overhead).
  2. Commercial & Residential.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Cabling.
  5. Electrical Substations (Main, Secondary & Electrical Boards).
  6. Generators (Supply, Installation & Commissioning).
  1. All Sanitary, sewage & water Treatment piping, installation, testing & Commissioning
  2. Main pipeline installation & fabricate in coordinates with our subcontractors or in joint with our partners.
  1. Civil materials (Cement, Sand, Gravel, Soil, Bricks, Tiles, Marble, etc.).
  2. Heavy Equipment (shovels, Forklifts, Tracks, Cranes, etc.).
  3. Generators (with different capacity).
  4. Electrical materials (Cables, Transformers, wires, fittings, etc.).
  5. Sewage and Sanitary Materials (Pipes, PVC, fitting, etc.).
  6. Tools, Industrial Furniture & Labs.